1. In what location is the event being held this year?
    We are proud to present to you our location www.deltatorontoeast.com  Check out all their amenities. Book a room at our great convention price $139- limited rooms don’t miss out.
  2. What about transportation to the convention?
    There is public transportation through streetcars and buses from union station. Please check a google map to see the transportation you will need. It is 45 minutes from the airport and about an hour from downtown Toronto. Car-pooling is encouraged.
  3. Are there discounts and promo codes?
    There are EARLY bird passes- limited. Buy now if you are looking to save money!
  4. Are there other ways to save money?
    Prices are firm! However, if you would like to volunteer and you are chosen by the board members, you will be given a promo code based on the signed contract.
    • 12 hours or more – 1 Full Pass (must be available for all 3 days when purchasing) plus snacks if you work more than 12 hours
    • 9 hours – 50% off (must indicate hours/days available when purchasing)
    • 6 hours – 25% off (must indicate hours/days available when purchasing)
  5. What payments are accepted?
    CIDC accepts cash, credit card and PayPal. We DO NOT accept cheques or e-mail transfers. There are no exceptions.
  6. What is the refund policy?
    You can return your ticket up until October 1st, less $50 administrative fee. No exceptions. If you wish to transfer to someone else, it must be approved up to October 20th, after that the $50.00 administrative fee applies.
If you still have questions contact the event manager roblynn@cidc-zkb.com A response will occur within 48 hours.