Brazilian Zouk Jack and Jill

Together with the BZDC, CIDC is proud to host our second annual Brazilian Zouk Jack and Jill competition!

Buy your BZDC J&J ticket for CIDC 2019



All competitors must have a Brazilian Zouk, Full, or VIP pass to CIDC 2019, which may be purchased here. Volunteers may also compete, with the understanding that the registration fee is their own expense.


Judges Panel

This year’s panel of judges is headed by Rafael Oliviera of BZDC. He is joined by:

  • William Teixeira
  • Paloma Alves
  • Carlos da Silva
  • Fernanda da Silva
  • Izabel Ramos
  • Leo Chaffe
  • Thayna Trovick


Judging Criteria

The judging criteria for this year’s competition can be found on the BZDC website, here.